Our babies in their new homes
CASPER is long hair male, now living in Mt. Upton, NY and is a therapist for a nursing home in NY.
TOOTIE  (full name Tootsie Roll) is a very beautiful boy. He is full of energy, and loves to give kisses.  Fortunately he lives in Coalport with his family (who are our friends) and we get to visit with him still.

(Tootie is available for stud and is proven.  Contact my friend Nancy  for more information)
Female merle in her new home.
BULLS EYE now lives in Warren, PA with a great couple that will love him to pieces!

TACO, is a blue and white male and is living with a family who have gotten other chi's from me.

BELLA is a long hair applehead.  It was hard to let her go, but she is with a good family.
HALF-PINT, is the friendliest little thing.  She is a blue fawn.  She is now living like a queen in Richfield, PA!
This is one of my blue merles now with his new family
Cheeno is a lavender merle, male.  He was adopted and  living like a prince with my son and his girlfriend. If you are interested in using him for stud let me know and i can get a hold of my son, He lives in Richfield, Pa.
BOOBERRY is a blue merle female.  She inherited the one blue eye from her daddy, Pablo.  She is an apple head and seems to have been just perfect for dressing up!
These little cuties are 16 weeks in this pic.  The little girl on the left is blue and tan long hair and her friend is a chocolate and white short hair male.  They are in their new homes now.
MOO SHOO was 5 weeks in this picture.  She went to a new home at 8 weeks.  Isn't she adorable!
This little brindle went to her forever home at 12 weeks.
If you have gotten any dogs or puppies from me, I love to see how they look as they grow.  Feel free to send me pictures and let me know how they are doing.  I miss each and every one of them.  In 8 short weeks, they become a part of my family!
Three of my chihuahuas all grown up living in Canada
Cheerios in her new home.
Chi Chi, she is our Milky Ways mom, she has passed now, but she is not forgotten, we love and miss her dearly.
Salsa in her new home
This cute little long hair male is now living in Delaware
Brindle long hair female chihuahua in her new home all grown up.
Chalupa a blue and white female chihuahua living in Richfield with Sherry and family
Twix in her new home in Grampain Pa. She is full grown at three and half pounds.
Two little males in their new home showing off their clothes their new mom just got them, Man are they cute!
Pedro in his new home
Little Bit living in her new home in Richfield, Pa.
Cute little chocolate and white male in his new home.