Puppies and adults in their new homes
Chico in his new home, living as a prince in York, Pa.
Charlie as you can see isn't a chihuahua but a min pin, she was one of my last min pins, She is in her new home now.
Beautiful blue and white apple head female at  8 wks old
This is Poco, he now lives in SMITHSBURG,MARYLAND, he is one of Pablo and sweet pea puppies.
Beautiful merle chihuahua puppy in her new home, she has one blue eye and one green eye. She now lives in Phillisburg, Pa.
Bullseye playing in his new home in Warren pa. You can see why he is named Bullseye.
Candie living with my son and his girlfriend in Richfield, Pa.
This little boy is named Chico, he lives in Richfield, pa. He is from a male and female chihuahua that my son got from me. He is a very light cream merle and white.